Spazio Eventi

Events Space

Tenuta Busulmone stands out as a flexible and multifunctional property targeting up to date and demanding clients, those who are always looking for unique accommodations and custom-made cultural experiences.

This innovative and ambitious protocol served as the basic guidelines while conceiving AIR, the new space for events situated within the restored ruins of a roofless nineteenth century convent.

Truly a unique location in an emotional mix of modernity and antiquity, where nature and history play the lead role, it’s a perfect atmosphere for stylish and unconventional events.

The new AIR area is situated in the center of the estate, in 30 hectars of land and part of Tenuta Busulmone, offering great outdoor spaces capable of hosting large groups.

Access to large parking lots, a theatre / cinema area, a cobblestone square for catering services, large lawns for outdoor concerts or corporate installations. The distinctive structure en plein air of the convent, also offers a scenic-view glass-roof lounge, art bookshop, coffee shop, warehouse, and restrooms; all the other roofless halls can be covered with waterproof sheets and/or curtains if required.

Extra AIR services include hospitality desk, catering, security and daily cleaning.

AIR is the perfect location for Busulmone aficionados to organize one-day events like weddings and parties, or longer gatherings such as company conventions, sport’s rallies, food festivals, art fairs, etc.