Artist′s Residence in Busulmone

  • 2010

    Gianfranco Gorgoni

  • 2011

    Anni Leppala

  • 2012

    Mario Cresci

  • 2014

    Elia Festa

  • 2018

    Mangano Van Rooy

  • 2018

    Pettena e Pace

  • 2018

    Cuoghi e Corsello

  • 2018

    Angelo Candiano

  • 2018

    Stefano Boccalini

  • 2018

    Giuseppe Lana

  • 2019

    Francesca Romana

  • 2019

    Franco Perrotti


The Busulmone estate gets its name from the local “contrada”, situated in the fertile territory between the lowlands of Tellaro and ancient Noto, whose origins are mainly agricultural. 

The name "Busulmone" is believed to come from the Arabic term “Bu Sul al man”, or “land of Salomon”. We know that various civilizations settled in this part of land because of the Greek and Roman remains that were recently discovered near the estate along the ancient "regia trazzera Canalisi”. This still exists on the eastern boundary of the property; the shepherds used it to transfer their flocks before the beginning of each new season.

After the earthquake of 1693, the religious enclave of Noto moved a monastery on these hills and the whole area was enriched with noble residences, later transformed into lush country houses. Even the Tenuta Busulmone monastery has no different destiny, becoming the manor house of the Curcio family at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The strong link between Tenuta Busulmone and the cultural aspects of the territory of Noto, has always generated historical references as well as inspiring all kinds of artists. By the end of this ambitious restoration, the property owners decided to enhance the project by allowing the estate to be part of a cultural concept for the entire Noto territory and beyond.

In fact, the project for expanding the knowledge (especially of photo art), started in Busulmone in 2010 with the "artist in residence" weeks, allowing international renowned artists and photographers to live on the property, working on new artworks and collaborating with local culture.

The epitome of Busulmune artistic vocation came to life in 2018, with the launch of Photology AIR (Art In Ruins): a park for contemporary art totally en plein air, which is also a cultural project for architectural preservation, basing itself in the roofless ruins of the old convent following a rigorous historical and viable restoration.

Within the space AIR will coexist art, cinema, photography, food culture, always in dialogue with local nature and landscape, able to offer all visitors a unique and breathtaking experience.